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I worked with Rand at TDCJ, years ago. What a great guy and had incredible integrity and work ethic then. Can't wait to see him as Sheriff!

— William Allen

I have been in Law Enforcement for almost 30 years. I moved to Montgomery County a few years back and have seen first hand the type of Leadership that Capt. Henderson displays. He truly loves the citizens and the community he serves. I have two sons that are now working for Montgomery County Sheriffs Office and I don't know anyone more qualified to lead them and the Sheriff's office during these very trying times. He surely has my vote. — Eugene Walters

It has been my pleasure to know Rand Henderson since he arrived at the Sheriff’s Office so many years ago as a bright and dedicated new recruit. Rand has always had an ability to connect with people at all levels both inside and outside of law enforcement. His goal has always been to serve the people of his community. I have watched Rand grow and mature over the years into a very professional leader. Rand has always done what he believed was best for the community, the Department and the individual officer without sacrificing the integrity of the individuals involved. Rand worked for me as a field training officer and later took over the Lieutenant of that program after my promotion to Captain. Rand Henderson’s ethics are above reproach. He is a Christian Family Man and a professional peace officer. His transition into administration has been an asset to his Department and the community. I wholeheartedly endorse and support my friend Rand Henderson as the next Sheriff of Montgomery County. I am asking that all of my friends across Montgomery County do the same.

Captain Sam Lynch MCSO Retired — Sam Lynch

I have lived in The Woodlands for 22 years. Rand served our neighborhood with distinction when he began serving Montgomery County as a deputy. Like his predecessor, Sheriff Gage, he has field experience. In my opinion, that is very valuable because it enables the leader to be able to lead by both real experience and by example, Without hesitation, I recommend all voters to vote for Rand Henderson for Montgomery County Sheriff in order to assure that the highest quality and level of service and law enforcement be maintained. — Rich Jakovac

I've known Rand for a number of years and I believe he will make a great Sheriff. His education, experience, and knowledge of Montgomery County and its people will allow him be an effective leader from the day he takes office. — Anthony Fasone

My name is Pat Johnston and I have lived in south Montgomery County for over 30 years. I'm a mother of 3 and a grandmother of 9 and I totally support Rand Henderson for our Sheriff.

— Pat Johnston

I have had the privilege of working for Rand Henderson under two different divisions over the past 6 years.

Rand's leadership has greatly impact the way I police today. Rand has always led by example, with immutable integrity.

On top of the very long list of educational and law enforcement qualifications, Rand Henderson is a God fearing family man that Montgomery County would be lucky to call Sheriff!

— Ryan Jones

Rand Henderson and I have many mutual friends and are Facebook friends ourselves. On February 22nd, I hosted a blood drive for my father. He is JR Green, Grimes County Commissioner Precinct 1. We held the event at CORE Lending in Magnolia and donations benefit the MDA Blood Bank. When I saw Rand walk in the coach to donate, I knew it was him immediately. I was impressed by his community outreach to help. I said "Are you my new Sheriff?" And he said "Yep". That confidence and the care he has for his county will be what makes him our next Sheriff. I look forward to helping him get there. — Stephanie Wood

Bringing Montgomery County law enforcement into the 21st century. — Bert Steinmann

Rand has done an incredible job of modernizing the tools available for his organization, resulting in a safer Montgomery County. He also increased communication with the community through his own transparency and the initiation of the MCTX Sheriff app. We need his continued leadership to keep us safe. — Judy Love

I have known Rand Henderson most of my life. He is a great leader and an even better person. — Brad Wilkinson

As a Montgomery County resident for 39 years I am honored to endorse Rand Henderson. Creg Mixon NCISD Board of Trustees - Vice President — Creg Mixon

Rand is one of the good guys! We need to keep him as our sheriff. — Gail McKinnon

I Endorsement Rand Henderson for Sheriff of Montgomery Co. — Beverly Calfee

Honest. Trustworthy. Dedicated. A man of his word. — Jim Slack

Rand is an exceptional Official. We’re very lucky to have him. — Bill O’Sullivan

I have known Rand for many year's. His concern for Montgomery County and the people that live here has always been a priority to him. — Deborah Thompson

Thank you, we appreciate all the hard work. From the Bennink family — Joshua Bennink

Sheriff Henderson is a proven leader. — Bill Sharman

I highly recommend the re-election of Sheriff Rand Henderson! — Ken Ariola

I support Rand Henderson for Sheriff of Montgomery County. Proven leader. — Billy Beavers

Keep Montgomery County safe !!! Re-elect our very own Sheriff Rand Henderson. — Rhett RJ Smith

We support you! And appreciate your work to keep Montgomery county safe. — Richard & Claudia Huye

A gentleman, professional, friend and true public servant. I’m proud to endorse Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson. — Peggy Hausman

He’s done a great job! — Earl House

I have worked with Sheriff Henderson for over 20 years. He was with the Sheriff’s Office and I was with the PCT. 5 Constables. Sheriff Henderson has shown great leadership throughout his career and I am proud to still be working with him. Constable Chris Jones MCCO 5 — Chris Jones

Sheriff Henderson has my vote! Keep up the great work you do for Montgomery County! — Thomas Campenni

Sherriff Rand Henderson is the law enforcement leader we need for the future of Montgomery County and The Woodlands. — Bob Udell

A dedicated leader and public servant! — Jim Kuykendall

I’m retired from Harris County Sheriff’s Office. I fully support Sheriff Henderson. — David Catino

Sheriff Rand Henderson is a true servant leader. I’m thankful for all of the great work that he and his brave men do to keep our county a safe place to live and work. — Christian Collins

Sheriff Henderson has done an excellent job supporting our community and keeping us safe. I strongly endorse him for another term. — Cindy Strauss-Fremuth

Best man for the job has always been a upstanding great citizen of Montgomery county vote Henderson — Travis Kinard

I think he has led law enforcement exactly as it should be — Bobby Shafer

Sheriff Henderson has great credentials, vast experience and the temperament to continue to protect the citizens of Montgomery County. — Suzanne Adams

I gladly recommend that my friends support and vote to re-elect Sheriff Rand Henderson. The Sheriff has clearly demonstrated his ability to be the leader in law enforcement in our county. He has always been under pressure and is exceptionally educated in his profession. — W W Buddy Atwood

Sherrif Rand has been a steady hand over Montgomery County Law Enforcement. I’m proud of the steps he’s taken to make our schools and community a safer place to live and work while protecting our Constitutional rights as free people. — Steve Toth

Sheriff Henderson is the right person for the job. — Austin Pancamo

As a retired MCSO Deputy, I watched Rand advance his career. Rand Henderson will continue to do a great job as Montgomery County, Texas Sheriff and has my full support. — Ron Pickering

I originally supported Sheriff Henderson's opponent, but now believe that Rand is right for the job...He has many innovative approaches to law enforcement which serve our County very well. I support Sheriff Rand Henderson wholeheartedly and believe he is an excellent sheriff. — Robert W. Coats

The Woodlands and MONTGOMERY County is a safer place thanks to the leadership of Sherriff Rand Henderson. — Bob Udell

It's been an honor to not only know the Sheriff but to work for him as well. — Daniel Pena

Sheriff Henderson has been an outstanding Sheriff for our dynamic and growing County. I heartedly endorse him for re-election. — Chris Shumate

Vote for Sheriff Henderson — Steve Dennis

Sheriff Henderson is a great Sheriff and a great man. He does the job because his love for the community is strong and pure. — Brian Smith

Sheriff Henderson has my vote! — Tracy Yanchak

Rand Henderson has done a wonderful job at keeping the residents of Montgomery County safe. I consider him a friend & an example to all! — Greg Long

I personally endorse Sheriff Rand Henderson for re-election - he has served the residents of Montgomery County with respect and integrity, and continues to push forward to keep us safe! — Francine Stanfield

I have known and worked with Rand Henderson for over twenty years. Rand has always been a man true to his word and convictions. I proudly endorse him and believe he is the right person to be our Sheriff. — Joel Gordon

Sheriff Henderson has made a dramatic improvement of moving MCSO into the 21st century. He has supported the personnel into being better professionals and stewards of the trust instilled in us by the community. I am proud to be a Deputy for this Sheriff. 4 more years! — Brad Curtis

Rand Henderson has done a great job as Sheriff for the citizens of Montgomery County. Our county is in great hands with Sheriff Henderson. — Ronnie Rector

I met Rand today at a Blood Drive and he met my grandaughter Kali whom has been battling Cancer and it touched our hearts in so many ways to see the compassion he had in his eyes for her!! Rand has our vote!! — Elizabeth Dean

Residents of Montgomery County, TX:

     Although we do not live in Montgomery County, we feel the need to write this letter in support of Rand Henderson, who is running for Sheriff of your county.  We had the opportunity to meet Rand Henderson a year and a half ago. We have gotten to know him and learn about his past experience of 21 years and his accomplishments while working in law enforcement. We have seen how he interacts both in business and on a personal basis with officers that work with him. He understands situations that officers have to deal with on a daily basis because he has been there and actually experienced them himself.  Having come up through the ranks and being under the guidance of his predecessor, he has become a cop's cop. He knows what the officers need to make them more effective.

     Rand is a very devoted family man and values his beautiful wife and children. He knows how devastated a family would be if they lost a family member in the line of duty. Being survivors ourselves, we feel confident that he would be able to provide support from himself and the department to a family in their time of need.  He knows how important it is to honor the fallen and not let them be forgotten.

     Rand Henderson is not only a law enforcement officer but also a concerned citizen of his community. He knows that it takes all the citizens working together to make Montgomery County a safer place to live and work. He is continually and diligently working with the department to not only prevent crime from occurring, but is also making sure that criminals receive sentences that will keep them off the street and/or out of Montgomery County.

Please go out and vote for Rand Henderson for Sheriff. He is the man for the job!
                                                                                  Ron and Annette Bennett
                                                                                  Parents of Deputy Shane Bennett
— Ron and Annette Bennett

Rand has by far been one of the most influential persons in my career as a law enforcement officer. Rand's educational background assisted me in making the decision to get my Master's degree from SHSU and possibly continue to achieve a Doctorate. — Patrick Gallagher

The clear qualified choice to be the next Sheriff of Montgomery County is Rand Henderson. Rand is Intelligent, innovative, proactive and responsible.

— Scott Spencer

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rand Henderson for the entirety of my nearly 20 year career in Montgomery County law enforcement. I have both worked side-by-side with Rand and as his one of his proud subordinates in The Woodlands Division during my days on patrol for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. Rand has always been one of the most level-headed, compassionate, professional, composed, and confident men that I have known to wear the badge. I have no doubt that Rand possess the heart, experience, education and sincerity to not only lead the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and the outstanding men and women that compose its ranks, but to re-unify all of Montgomery County law enforcement as we face unprecedented growth and a multitude of uncertain threats. Rand is a solid family man, career cop, educator of the next generation of law enforcement professionals, and, although I don't get to visit with him as often as I would like, a trusted friend with intrinsic wisdom that I would not hesitate to seek. What is most important to me as a Montgomery County Law Enforcement Executive, is that I believe in his judge of character. I have know doubt that as he assumes the role of Sheriff (and he will), he will select the best and brightest amongst his ranks to fill the most critical positions in his agency. Please join me in my support of Rand Henderson for Sheriff of Montgomery County! A. Bryan Carlisle Assistant Chief of Police Shenandoah Police Department — A. Bryan Carlisle

I have worked with Rand for 20 years and we began our career around the same time in The Woodlands. Through the years, Rand stood out as being highly driven and was consistently bettering himself through obtaining advanced education and leadership skills. Rand has made sacrifices and put in the hard work to earn this position. He has also lived his private life unsullied as an example to us all and doesn't just talk the talk. There simply isn't anyone more qualified to be Sheriff of Montgomery County than Rand Henderson. He will make Montgomery County proud. Senior Sergeant Scott Altemus — Scott Altemus

The Woodlands Professional Fire Fighters Association is pleased to endorse Rand Henderson for Montgomery County Sheriff.  Rand has a proven record in law enforcement in Montgomery County and has shown a commitment to public service through effective interagency cooperation that is valued by all public safety organizations.  The firefighters of The Woodlands look forward to serving the public with Sheriff Rand Henderson. 

— The Woodlands Professional Fire Fighters

I have had the pleasure of knowing Rand Henderson since the early 1990s when he began his career with Montgomery County Sheriffs Office as a committed young deputy. We worked together in starting Community Policing, in which he excelled. We progressed together as patrol deputies first and later when chosen to implement Community Policing.

Rand has a natural ability to communicate with individuals in all walks of life. He is a natural leader, above reproach and has the ability and personality that enables him to have people want to follow him. He is fair, honest, and dependable, both as a boss and as a friend.

I genuinely support my friend, Rand Henderson as the next Sheriff. I am asking and recommending that all my friends, associates and fellow law enforcement officers vote for Rand.

— Janet Teague

I give this recommendation to Rand Henderson from a somewhat unique relationship during the last twenty years.
I met Rand as his supervisor, later worked with him as a peer at the rank of Lieutenant, and after my return to MCSO from retirement, I worked for him in his capacity as Captain. As a patrol sergeant for MCSO assigned to District II/The Woodlands, I was Rand's supervisor when he joined MCSO as a patrol deputy. He quickly became a competent officer, and showed excellent people skills.

He became a District Community Liaison Officer and progressed to Corporal. When given the additional
responsibility of supervising the COPPS grant for MCSO, I choose Rand as a county wide member. He was involved in projects in Community Policing, Crime Prevention, and Problem Solving. As part of this group, he was instrumental in creating the county's initial alarm ordinance and the first Citizen's Academy for MCSO, among other achievements. Later, as Lieutenants, we worked on assignments in patrol, grants, Homeland Security, and Special Services. Rand's
pragmatic and analytical approach was a valuable asset, and his work ethic was beyond reproach.

After three years in retirement, I returned to MCSO as a deputy in the Patrol Division, which was commanded by now Captain Rand Henderson. Rand continued to display the same characteristics as a commander that had made him a valuable contributor in his previous ranks. Rand has taken any assignment given to him in this department
and has performed in a professional and exemplary manner with experience in patrol, investigations, administration, and detention. Rand's combination of experience, education, training, and character equip him well to step into the role of Sheriff of Montgomery County. 


— Ollie Coward

Although I am no longer a Montgomery County resident my child is. I care who is elected for Sheriff of Montgomery County and support him in all his initiatives. I've had the pleasure of meeting Rand Henderson in 2005. He openly displayed amazing character, ethics, knowledge and passion for working in law enforcement. He will make the difference.

Whomever is elected overall will be spoken by the citizens. I support them in their choice. And the right choice is to elect Rand Henderson for Montgomery County Sheriff.

— Dean Chagaris

Outstanding. The Best Candidate by far. Go Rand Go.

— Craig Douglas Bills

Over twenty years ago Rand and I started our law enforcement careers together at the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. We have experienced many changes over the years and have seen our Sheriff's Office grow to the seventh largest in Texas. I am more than confident a great portion of our agency's continued success can be directly attributed to Rand's seasoned leadership and his common sense approach to problem solving within the multiple Divisions he has commanded over the years. The combination of education and starting out at the bottom then slowly working his way through the ranks to the the top is a recipe for a strong leader and is a testament to his hard work, dedication and character. I am very proud to call him my friend, partner and with your vote, our next Sheriff.  — MCSO Captain Andrew Eason
Albert Nurick
Rita William
Alison Yee
Lisa Joseph
Joe Root
Chris Shumate
Chris Stamos
Dr. Shelley Sekula-Gibbs
Jim Morrid
Eric Jones
Eric Jones
Lisa Scott
Jack William
Randy Sinclair
Gene Linder
Brad Curtis

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